Student Association

SA Structure

SA Constitution


Section 1  :  Definition


 In this Constitution,


”The School” shall mean St. Francis’ Canossian College (S.F.C.C.);
”Student” shall mean a student of St. Francis’ Canossian College;
”Association” shall mean St. Francis’ Canossian College Student Association;
”Council” shall mean St. Francis’ Canossian College Student Council;
”Exco” shall mean the Executive Committee of St. Francis’ Canossian College Student Association;
”Constitution” shall mean the Constitution of St. Francis’ Canossian College Student Association.

Section II  :  General


Article 1 : Name
The name of the organization shall be St. Francis’ Canossian College Student Association.
Article 2 : Aims
The aims of the Association shall be
a.     to promote the welfare of the student body;
b.    to serve the whole student body;
Article 3 : Structure
The Student Association shall consist of a Council and an Executive Committee.

Section III  :  Membership


Article 1 : Members
Every student of the School shall be a member of the Student Association.
Article 2 : Membership fee
All members shall pay an annual membership fee.
Article 3 : Responsibilities and Privileges
The Members of the Association shall have the rights and responsibilities
a.     to observe all the regulations of the Association;
b.    to be bound to further to the best of their ability the objectives, interests and influence of the Association;
c.     to take part in elections (described in Section 4);
d.    to surrender any necessary help to the Association on request;
e.     to propose amendments and suggestions to the Association concerning their welfare;
f.      to participate in activities organized by the Student Council;
g.     to help in organizing activities of the Student Council with the approval of the President of the Association
Article 4 : Restriction
The member of the Association shall be a member of at least one club.

Section IV  :  The Executive Committee of the Student Association


Article 1 : Introduction
The Executive Committee of the Student Association shall be the executive agency of the Association and shall serve for one School year.
Article 2 :  Structure
The Exco shall be elected and shall comprise the President, the Vice-President, the External Secretary, the Internal Secretary, the Financial Secretary, the Welfare Secretary, the Programme secretary and the Public Relation Officer.
Article 3 :   Qualifications
a.     All candidates shall be students of Form 6.
b.    All Exco members shall not be the chairperson of any other constituencies.
c.     The Exco members of ht Association excepting the President can be the committee members of any one constituency.
d.    The Financial Secretary and the Public Relation Officer of the Exco shall not hold the same position of other constituencies.
Article 4 : Elections
a.     Candidates running for the election shall form a cabinet with at least 3 members from each Form 6 class.
b.    Cabinet(s) running for the election shall file in their application to the Exco before the beginning of the next academic year.
c.     All students shall be entitled to vote.  The cabinet which gets the majority vote shall be the Exco.  If there is only one cabinet, it shall be the Exco ipso facto.

Section V  :  Student Council


Article 1 :  Introduction
The Student Council shall be the administration agency of the Association and shall serve for one year.
Article 2 : Function
The Council shall  consult and reflect the opinions of the students.
The Council shall consider and approve the policy / function introduced by the Exco and assist the Exco to carry out the policy / function.
Article 3 : Administration
  The Council works in accordance with the Constitution of the Association, advice given by the Principal of the school and the advisers appointed by the Principal.
Article 4 :   Election
 a.     The election of the Chairlady shall be held using the first Council meeting which will be conducted by the ex-chairlady.  Only the Councilors are entitled to nominate, second and elect the Chairlady who must be a Councilor from Form 6.
b.    The nominee who gets the highest vote shall be the Chairlady.  If there is only one nominee, she shall be the Chairlady ipso facto.
Article 5 : Term of Office
Councilors shall serve on the Council for one school year.
Article 6 : Duties of the Councilors
All Councilors have the duty
a.     to help organize activities of the Association;
b.    to act according to the decisions of the Association;
c.     to attend all meetings of the Council;
d.    to report to the Council about the activities of the body they represent in the Council;
e.     observe both the general and financial regulations of the Council.
The Chairlady has also the duty to call and conduct all Council meetings.
Article 7 :   Rights of the Councilors
Each Councilor has the right to speak, propose motions and vote in the Council meetings.

Section VI :  Finance


Article 1 : Source
The finance of the Association shall depend on the funds it raises and on the membership fee.
Article 2 : Planning of the Budget
The Exco shall be responsible for planning the budget at the beginning of every school year.  The planned budge shall then be approved by the Council with simple majority vote.
Article 3 :   Expenditure and Income
a.     The money shall be used for any extra-curricular school activities organized by the Association, clubs, school teams or groups affiliated to the Student Council.
b.    The Treasurer shall be responsible for the keeping of proper account with respect to all sums of money received and expended by the Association.
Article 4 : Annual Financial Report
An annual financial report must be prepared by the Treasurer and this shall be presented at the Exco election day of the following school year and shall be posted on the board of the Association

Section VII  :  Meetings


Article 1 :   General Meeting of the Student Council
a.     The Councilors shall meet regularly on the first Friday of each month.
b.    Members shall be given at least one week notice.
c.     All meetings of the Council require the presence of at least 3/5 of all Councilors on roll to form a quorum.  If the quorum is not fulfilled within the first fifteen minutes after the notified time, the meting shall be adjourned to a date and time decided by the Chairlady.
d.    Any member of the Council who has been absent for 3 consecutive meetings without a satisfactory reason shall cease to be a member and be replaced by a new member from the same constituency.
Article 2 :  Special Meeting
a.     Any emergency meeting of the Council may be called by the President of the Exco or the Chairlady of the Council, with the approval of the advisers.
b.    24-hour notice shall be given to all Councilors.
c.     Any emergency meeting of the Council shall require half of all Councilors to be present to fulfill the quorum.
d.    If the quorum is not fulfilled within the first fifteen minutes of the notified time, the meeting shall be adjourned to a suitable date decided by the Chairlady.
Article 3 : Exco Meeting
The Exco shall hold meetings whenever necessary and 6 shall form a quorum.

Section VIII  :  The Constitution


In case of any discrepancies in the interpretation of the Constitution, the Council Chairlady and the advisors of the Association shall have the last say. 


Article 1 : Suspension
Any Councilor can propose the motion of the suspension of the part of the Constitution.  The motion can only be passed if 2/3 of the Councilors at the Council meeting vote for it.
Article 2 :   Amendments
The rules may be added to, repealed, or amended by resolution.  No such resolution shall be deemed to have passed unless
a.     it is carried by 2/3 majority vote of Councilors present at a Council meeting with a quorum of 2/3 majority;
b.    it is confirmed by the Principal of the School;
c.     it has a simple majority vote of all the on roll members of the Association.






Leadership Award
5A Vera Wu
Service Award
5A Vivian Yeung
5A Vanessa Cheung
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary Students
6B Elizabeth Ling
5A Sharon Chung
Lugard Scholarship
5C Ginny Lai
Youth Arch Student Improvement Award
6A Sabrina Chow
6B Katie Wong
6C Fanny Hui
6D Prisca Lam
5A Sindy Lam
5B Christy Cheung
5C Sherry Kwong
5D Cherry Lo
4B Katy Cheung
4B Vivienne Li
4D Janice Fung
4D Ceci Lau
3A Yannie Szeto
3A Grace Wai
3C Emily Chu
3C Arcadia Chung
2A Loretta Lee
2A Jacqueline Tsang
2B Crystal Wong
2C Kitty Lam
6B Yuki Yeung
4A Cherina Lam
6A Heidi Buaton
6B Natalie Chan
5A Ruth Law
5C Elsa Lau
Rev. Joseph Carra Memorial Education Grants

5D Sandy Lam
HKIS Building Surveying Scholarship and Eddie Lee Memorial Education Foundation for Secondary School Student 2013
6B Natalie Chan
Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited Scholarship Athlete in Windsurfing
5C Valerie Ma
Nicola Myers & Kenneth McBride Memorial Fund
5B Doris Lee

6B Shirley Kam
St. Magdalene of Canossa Scholarship
6B Natalie Law
5A Ruth Law
Bakhita Religious Service Award

6B Stacy Mok
4A Joyce Lam
Dr. Aileen Hung Memorial Scholarship

6D Winnie Hui
Mrs. Lillian Ha Scholarship

6B Yuki Yeung
Helen Woo (Red Cross) Scholarship
5D Aubrey Tao
Dr. P.F. Woo Memorial Scholarship
6D Winnie Hui
Mr. Sin Lam Kwong (Pharmacist) Scholarship

6B Shirley Kam
5A Sharon Chung
Angeline Man Yu Scholarship

6B Agatha Mak
3B Delphina Fung
SFCC PSA Scholarship
6A Wing Sze
6B Yuki Yeung
6C Michelle Poon
6D Kelly Yuen
Ms. Connie Chan Scholarship
Best in F.6 Chinese Language

6C Michelle Poon
Best in F.6 Mathematics
6B Angel Fong
Miss Jane Cheng Scholarship
Best in History

6D Winnie Hui
SFCC PTA Best Improved Student Award

6A Silvia Chan
6B Angel Fong
6C Macy Tong
6D Vivian Yeung

65th HK Schools Speech Festival
Choral Speaking Secondary 2 Girls
3rd 2A Dramatic Duologue (Secondary 3 to 4)
4C Manon Floriane Li
4C Renee So
Dramatic Duologue (Secondary 5 to 6)

5A Florence Chan
5D Charlotte Chan
Solo Prose Reading (Non-open)

1st 5C Elsa Lau
3rd 5C Eunice Cheung
Soloe Verse Speaking (Non-open)
1st 5D Ciara Lo
1st 3D Winky Mok
1st 2C Alva Yang
2nd 4D Jeannie Tse
2nd 3A Stephanie Lui
3rd 5A Gigi Ko
3rd 4D Jessie Pang
3rd 3A Michelle Ho
3rd 3A Jacqueline Tse
3rd 2B Vanessa Chiu
3rd 2C Gloria Chan

1st 5A Natalie Mok
1st 5A Mini Ng
1st 4A Ariel Lee
1st 4D Joanna Fung
1st 3B Jessie Wan
1st 3D Valerie Yip
3rd 2A Helen Kam
1st 1C Shimmy Mok
1st 4D Bonny Chu
2nd 1A Lilian Li
3rd 5A Vera Wu
2nd 2A Kelly Ng
3rd 3A Criall Xie
3rd 1B Kellie Kwok

總冠軍 4A Cherina Lam
優秀學校大獎 3rd
冠軍 6D Vivian Yeung

季軍 3A Kelly Wong

66th HK Schools Music Festival

Graded Piano Solo (Grade 5)
3rd 1C Maggie Li
Graded Piano Solo (Grade 7)
1st 2D Janice Tsang
Guitar Ensemble
2A Kristin Yu
2C Charmaine Chu
2C Sammi Wong
2D Natalie Chan
4A Jade Tam
4B Cherrie Wan
Plain Song
SFCC Junior Choir
Secondary School Choir in Foreign Language - Girls - 2nd Division - Intermediate
2nd SFCC Senior Choir
1st 3D Winky Mok
3rd 3D Winky Mok
3rd 4C Angie Chu
2013 HK Schools Music Interflows-Symphony Orchestra Secondary School
Bronze SFCC Western Instrumental Ensemble
Wan Chai District First Aid Competition
2nd SFCC
3rd SFCC
Division Nursing Competition
Champion SFCC
Best Leader Award
5A Mini Ng
Departmental Nursing Competition
Champion SFCC
Divisional First-aid Competition
3rd SFCC
Best Leader Award
4A Janice Ng
HK Island Divisional Drilling Competition
Champion SFCC
Best Assistant Commander Award
4C Zoe Wong
Best Flag Party Award SFCC
Best Uniform Checking Award SFCC
HK Red Cross Youth of the Year 2013
5D Aubrey Tao
Macau World Heritage Drawing Competition
1A Elaine Ko
International Teddy Bear Painting Competition 2014
2nd 3D Gillian Chu
3rd 5A Janice Yeung
5A Candy Chan
5D Vincy Tam
4B Adelaide Lai
4B Joyce Lau
4B Chrissy Zhang
3A Natalie Chan
3A Michelle Ho
3A Criall Xie
3C Michelle Yu
3D Karen So
2A Hermia Chan
2A Windy Kwok
2A Kelly Ng
2A Polly Yu
2C Shani Chan
2C Kary Cheng
2D Miel Cheng
2D Sophia Cheung
2D Audrey Lee
1C Shimmy Mok
1C Cindy Ng
2014 English Drama Fest

Outstanding Performer
3B Christy Tse
Outstanding Performance
Outstanding Creativity
Award for Volunteer Service 2013
Gold Award for Volunteer Service
Award (Individual) for Volunteer Service
4C Jane Leung
5A Sharon Chung
5B Kelly Yau
5B Kathy Sit
5C Elsa Lau
5C Eunice Cheung
5C Shirley Ng
5D Tiffany Kam
4A Joyce Lam
4A Stellar Leung
3D Winky Mok
6B Natalie Chan
5A Janice Au Yeung
5A Yuki Yeung
5A Natelie Mok
5A Eva Wong
5A Sindy Lam
5B Vanessa Cheung
5C Sharon Ng
5D Vincy Tam
5D Suzanne Yip
4A Jade Tam
4A Jasmina Cheung
4A Caterina Leung
4C Andrea Liu
4C Manon Floriane Li
4C Ada Chan
3A Phoebe Liu
3B Tammy Lau
2B Winnie Chan
Interschool Basketball Competition 2013-14
HK Island Division One - Girls B Grade

4A Giana Lai
4B Lorraine Lo
4B Sharon Tam
4C Celine Lo
4C Charmaine See
3A Stephanie Lui
3A Joey So
3B Christy Tse
3C Anastasia Wong
3D Constance Chung
3D Michelle Liang
Interschool Athletics Competition 2013-14 Division 3 Area 3
A Grade 100m

1st 5D Samantha Lee
2nd 5A Gigi Ko
A Grade Long Jump
3rd 5D Suzanne Yip
B Grade 200m
1st 4D Vivian Fung
B Grade 100m
1st 4D Vivian Fung
B Grade High Jump
1st 4B LOrraine Lo
B Grade Long Jump
2nd 2A Chloe Lam
B Grade 800m
3rd 2A Chloe Lam
C Grade 200m
1st 2D Jenna Pun
3rd 2D Chloris Lam
C Grade 100m
1st 2D Jenna Pun
4th 1A Iris Lao
C Grade Long Jump
2nd 1C Miko Yuen
A Grade 4x100m Relay
5A Gigi Ko
5D Samantha Lee
5D Suzanna Yip
3D Kelly Chan
B Grade 4x100m Relay
4B Sharon Tam
4D Vivian Fung
3B Esther Hess Law
2A Chloe Lam
C Grade 4x100m Relay
2D Chloris Lam
2D Jenna Pun
1A Iris Lao
1C Miko Yuen
B Grade 4x400m Relay
4B Lorraine Lo
3A Joey So
3A Yannie Szeto
3D Michelle Liang
Interschool Athletics Competition 2013-14 Division III Area 3
Girls C Grade

2nd SFCC
Girls B Grade
2nd SFCC
Girls Overall
2nd SFCC
Interschool Individual Fencing Competition 2013-14
HK-Girls Foil C

2nd 2C Tracy Chow
A.S. Watson Group HK Students Sports
6A Heidi Buaton
SAMSUNG 2013 HK SPorts Stars Awards
HK Junior Sports Stars Awards

5C Valerie Ma
Subject Prize Winners
English Language
6B Yuki Yeung
Chinese Language
6B Yuki Yeung
Mathematics (Core)
6B Angel Fong
Mathematics (M1)
6B Angel Fong
Liberal Studies
6B Yuki Yeung
6C Michelle Poon
6A Heidi Buaton
6B Shirley Kam
6D Kelly Yuen
Chinese History
6D Ellie Hui
6D Winnie Hui
6B Natalie Chan
6D Kelly Yuen
Religious Studies
6A Wing Sze
Information and Communication Technology
6D Win Leung
6B Elizabeth Ling
6A Heidi Buaton
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