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Cultural & Language Enrichment Visit to Brisbane, 2004



The study tour was organized by the Nedgee International College, which offered English classes for our students every morning and arranged a great variety of activities in the afternoon. Students were given the opportunity to be immersed in English, to become part of a family, to integrate with local students, to develop some new hobbies and to indulge in new experiences. Four teachers and forty-five students, thirty-five of them from SFCC and seven of them from Sacred Heart Canossian College of Commerce, took part in this overseas activity.


Comments from students:


- I knew better about myself and have learned to respect other cultures
- I made friends with students from different nationalities, such as Japanese, Korean and Thai. I had a great and memorable experience.
- Australians are so nice and friendly. I really miss my host family.
- I learned better English and practised my English more.Friendship - On the last day of our stay in Brisbane, we cried, just because it is
so hard to say goodbye to our honestay familites.


Fun - I tried many exciting rides in the Dream World and the Movie World.

Freedom - Under the warm sun and the clear sky, we relaxed in the school backyard and our worries seemed to distant.

Fruitful - We learnt about the Aboriginal culture in lessons and through outings. We also made friends from other countries!


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Education and Cultural Trip to London 2006


You may think one should not expect too much from an eighteen-day educational trip to London, the first of its kind held by our school. Yet, the ‘British’ summer in 2006 was indeed an eye opener for all its participants, both the students and the accompanying teachers. We made friends with schoolmates from Form 1 to 3, had a lot of fun and experienced living independently of our parents. Most importantly, we learnt more about the English culture and became more confident users of the English language.


‘One, two, three,...’twenty four,’ said Ms. I. Ho, Ms. R. Lee and Ms. A. Tang. ‘Good. You’re all here. Let’s proceed to Customs.’ Our trip began. It all began with us waving goodbye to our mums and dads in the departure lounge.


It was not at all easy to fight jet lag on the first day of our trip, especially after a long-haul flight from Hong Kong. I still remember entering Langley Park School for girls for the first time. We climbed up two flights of stairs to reach a room where we were greeted by a cheerful teacher in a summery floral dress. That was the very first workshop we attended - the etiquette workshop. There we learnt some British table manners which were essential for our survival with our host families.


After the workshop, we all sat in the shade of an enormous mushroom- shaped willow tree at the school gate waiting anxiously for our host families. What will our host mums and dads be like? Will we get along? What will their house be like? Will I get used to staying there? We all had one question after another until we saw our guardians approaching us with beaming smiles. They must have forgotten the fact that
we were total strangers to them. Our instinct told us that our apprehensions were unfounded and our experiences in the ensuing two weeks were solid proof that we were right.


From Monday to Friday, rain or shine, our host family members drove us to school early in the morning. Every day, we had an English class. In the afternoon, we attended workshops of various kinds. In the dance workshops, we learnt a bit of Scottish dancing and practised a dance we would perform in the farewell presentation. In the poetry workshops, we wrote haikus, shape poems and learnt to recite Traveller’ in a choral speaking performance. The drama workshops were especially interesting. We did story-telling, freeze-frames, tableaux and acted out a scene from Romeo and Juliet.


Our host mums and dads took us around the town whenever they had time. We strolled down the main streets of Bromlet, we barbecued at their friends’ houses, we picnicked in a huge park with a duck pond, we chatted, we laughed and they took us in their arms
when we felt homesick. We had unforgettable packed lunches - freshly made sandwiches or pasta salads our host mum prepared for us every morning. We will be forever grateful for their hospitality.


What was the best part of the trip? No doubt, it was the excursion every Saturday. No lessons, no homework, no hassie, only fun and play. We visited Cambridge, Chiselhurst Caves and Leeds Castles and saw a musical, The Lion King, in the West End of London.
The Chiselhurst Caves were eerie. It was pitch-dark and freezing cold inside, a mere five degrees Celsius. According to the tour guide, the caves weer once used as an air raid shelter and had electric lighting, a chapel and a hospital during World War II. It had a distinctly menacing atmosphere which reminded us of creepy horror movies.


By the seventeenth day, the realization dawned that the tour had inevitably come to a close. It all ended with us waving goodbye to our host mums and dads at the gate of Langley Park School, and a few hours later, our beloved tutors, Lorna and Katherine at the departure lounge. Many of us tried to hold back our tears but it was in vain - they have all left indelible impressions in our hearts.



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I.T. Exposure Trip to Singapore 2011



In this past summer holiday, from 12th to 16th July, 40 students, together with 4 of our teachers went on to an exposure trip to Singapore. The first stop in Singapore is the Discovery Centre, where the history of Singapore is displayed. Different countries such as Britain, Japan and Malaysia had governed Singapore. In 1965, Singapore became an independent country. Information there is shown in interactive way; for instance, visitors can work as a professional reporter! In the studio “On Location Reporter”, Mr. Shek reported on Singapore’s aviation news. We all enjoyed the playback!


On the second day of the trip, we visited St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School, an all-girls school founded by the Canossian Missions. The musical band used some special musical instruments to play and welcome us. We were all very pleased and
excited about this school visit. We met with the young and energetic Principal, Ms. Martens. She introduced the school history, mission, teachers’ creed, staff and the students’ achievements in academic studies and extra-curricular activities. In the second part of the introduction, the ICT teacher, Mr. Mohamed, also explained their ICT vision and the four ICT goals to us. When he showed us the video made by the students, we were amazed and impressed because they could purely make videos like the news report with high quality by using some common video editing software. We all appreciate their endurance as editing and combining different video clips takes a
long time.


After that, we chatted with the girl guides about our hobbies and school life for a while. They then took us on a campus tour! We strolled around the school and visited some classrooms. For instance, in the computer room, we learn how to make a CV. We also joined an ICT lesson, and had a quiz about the service standards of Singapore on their school website for their English projects. The students there were very willing to help us. They claimed that they seldom sit in an ordinary classroom to have lessons nowadays. We then played poker cards with the girl guides after the lessons. The people at St. Anthony’s are hospitable and amiable. We got endless topics of conversation with the girl guides. We also exchanged our means of contact.


Through this visit, we have learned how IT is widely used in education in Singapore. The students hand in their homework through the
Extranet. They even sign in to school every morning using their thumbprints! IT is very useful in learning and is closely related to us. We had a memorable learning time with the students at St. Anthony’s.The next day we visited the Nanyang Technological University, which was an inspiring trip. We had hands-on experience of the latest technological developments of the research team at the Centre for Advanced Media Technology. There were many interesting and innovative gadgets. The software designed by Ms. Sim and her teammates uses the web cam in an iPad to create a 3D image! The computer can show the 3D view of the image or the historical event that had happened in that place. We were both amazed by the advanced technology!


Other amazing software included the Chinese learning game is also amazing.When we put some simple Chinese characters such as 牛 in
front of the camera, the image of a cow will be displayed on the computer screen. It is even clever enough to show the picture of a carton of milk when the words 牛奶 are put next to each other! We have also tried the multi-touch table, which allows us to explore the
design of a whole building just by a touch of a human hand on the floor plan displayed on the multi-touch table. The research engineer, Mr. Andreas, told us that he’s been working on this project for two years, from designing the building to the implementation of the software.


From this visit, we were so impressed by how technology is developing nowadays. It was fascinating to try out these new gadgets. It was a wonderful experience to try out these newly developed softwares. On the fourth day, we went to Canossian Eduplex. Canossian Eduplex comprises Canossa Convent Primary, Canossian School, Magdalene’s Kindergarten, Canossaville Children’s Home and the Convent of the Sisters. We spent the whole morning at Canossa Convent Primary School.


That day was a co- curricular Activities Day, so we got to see the aesthetic performances of the students. First, we joined the choir practice in the theatrette. The choir had won awards in Singapore Youth Festival Competitions. The choir, known as Voices of Youth,
belted out their melodies heartily. We then followed the majestic and enchanting tunes to the Band Room and look the jazz band practice. The talented students play the instruments really well! We also joined the Contemporary Dance Team in the Hall. The students taught us some simple dance steps. The girls bent and flexed, swung and stretched, showing us what they had learnt. We all felt refreshed after stretching our arms and legs!


Apart from extra-curricular activities, we also joined their lessons such as the English lesson. We joined the primary school girls in creating a story on the Mac Book. Each pair of students had to include a good character and a bad guy in their story. After that, We went to the Camino Room, that is the Archive Room, we learned of the development of the Eduplex. There is the painting of our Foundress, Magdalen of Canossa, whom we are all familiar with. Sister Mandy also shared the history of the Canossian Missions with us.


We have learned more about the work of the Canossian Sisters in Singapore. The Eduplex is the result of a dream and following in the footsteps of St. Magdalen, reaching out to embrace all persons in order to develop their full potential. The five sectors of the
Canossian Eduplex work together towards a mission of Love, sharing resources, space, and facilities to give a holistic and effective education to the children. We went to the Infocomm Experience Centre, or in short, iExperience on the last day of the trip. The exhibits were divided into four major themes: Live,Work, Learn and Interact. We were impressed by the Tele-presence technology. It allows people from different locations to meet, discuss and share information. Without such technology, people’s interactions would be restricted by location and time. Another invention is an electrical global map with touch screen. “Senseable City” presents a different perspective of
Singapore’s urban dynamics. It shows details of streets, buildings and even other features when magnify it. It is amazing how a map on paper can be evolved into a touch-screened map. It shows the advancement in electronic visual display in Singapore. Touch-screen technology is becoming more common in our daily lives. I am sure it can be applied to other fields in the future.


The Singapore government has made a lot of efforts to attain the present achievements. We all hope the people in Singapore and Hong Kong can work together to discover new possibilities. This Singapore IT Exposure Trip allows us to know more about Singapore’s culture, history, economic conditions and how the Singaporeans made good use of technology in their daily lives. This trip indeed brought me a lot of precious moments with our tour guides, teachers and schoolmates. Furthermore, it has enriched my knowledge on the use of technology.


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Leadership Award
5A Vera Wu
Service Award
5A Vivian Yeung
5A Vanessa Cheung
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary Students
6B Elizabeth Ling
5A Sharon Chung
Lugard Scholarship
5C Ginny Lai
Youth Arch Student Improvement Award
6A Sabrina Chow
6B Katie Wong
6C Fanny Hui
6D Prisca Lam
5A Sindy Lam
5B Christy Cheung
5C Sherry Kwong
5D Cherry Lo
4B Katy Cheung
4B Vivienne Li
4D Janice Fung
4D Ceci Lau
3A Yannie Szeto
3A Grace Wai
3C Emily Chu
3C Arcadia Chung
2A Loretta Lee
2A Jacqueline Tsang
2B Crystal Wong
2C Kitty Lam
6B Yuki Yeung
4A Cherina Lam
6A Heidi Buaton
6B Natalie Chan
5A Ruth Law
5C Elsa Lau
Rev. Joseph Carra Memorial Education Grants

5D Sandy Lam
HKIS Building Surveying Scholarship and Eddie Lee Memorial Education Foundation for Secondary School Student 2013
6B Natalie Chan
Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited Scholarship Athlete in Windsurfing
5C Valerie Ma
Nicola Myers & Kenneth McBride Memorial Fund
5B Doris Lee

6B Shirley Kam
St. Magdalene of Canossa Scholarship
6B Natalie Law
5A Ruth Law
Bakhita Religious Service Award

6B Stacy Mok
4A Joyce Lam
Dr. Aileen Hung Memorial Scholarship

6D Winnie Hui
Mrs. Lillian Ha Scholarship

6B Yuki Yeung
Helen Woo (Red Cross) Scholarship
5D Aubrey Tao
Dr. P.F. Woo Memorial Scholarship
6D Winnie Hui
Mr. Sin Lam Kwong (Pharmacist) Scholarship

6B Shirley Kam
5A Sharon Chung
Angeline Man Yu Scholarship

6B Agatha Mak
3B Delphina Fung
SFCC PSA Scholarship
6A Wing Sze
6B Yuki Yeung
6C Michelle Poon
6D Kelly Yuen
Ms. Connie Chan Scholarship
Best in F.6 Chinese Language

6C Michelle Poon
Best in F.6 Mathematics
6B Angel Fong
Miss Jane Cheng Scholarship
Best in History

6D Winnie Hui
SFCC PTA Best Improved Student Award

6A Silvia Chan
6B Angel Fong
6C Macy Tong
6D Vivian Yeung

65th HK Schools Speech Festival
Choral Speaking Secondary 2 Girls
3rd 2A Dramatic Duologue (Secondary 3 to 4)
4C Manon Floriane Li
4C Renee So
Dramatic Duologue (Secondary 5 to 6)

5A Florence Chan
5D Charlotte Chan
Solo Prose Reading (Non-open)

1st 5C Elsa Lau
3rd 5C Eunice Cheung
Soloe Verse Speaking (Non-open)
1st 5D Ciara Lo
1st 3D Winky Mok
1st 2C Alva Yang
2nd 4D Jeannie Tse
2nd 3A Stephanie Lui
3rd 5A Gigi Ko
3rd 4D Jessie Pang
3rd 3A Michelle Ho
3rd 3A Jacqueline Tse
3rd 2B Vanessa Chiu
3rd 2C Gloria Chan

1st 5A Natalie Mok
1st 5A Mini Ng
1st 4A Ariel Lee
1st 4D Joanna Fung
1st 3B Jessie Wan
1st 3D Valerie Yip
3rd 2A Helen Kam
1st 1C Shimmy Mok
1st 4D Bonny Chu
2nd 1A Lilian Li
3rd 5A Vera Wu
2nd 2A Kelly Ng
3rd 3A Criall Xie
3rd 1B Kellie Kwok

總冠軍 4A Cherina Lam
優秀學校大獎 3rd
冠軍 6D Vivian Yeung

季軍 3A Kelly Wong

66th HK Schools Music Festival

Graded Piano Solo (Grade 5)
3rd 1C Maggie Li
Graded Piano Solo (Grade 7)
1st 2D Janice Tsang
Guitar Ensemble
2A Kristin Yu
2C Charmaine Chu
2C Sammi Wong
2D Natalie Chan
4A Jade Tam
4B Cherrie Wan
Plain Song
SFCC Junior Choir
Secondary School Choir in Foreign Language - Girls - 2nd Division - Intermediate
2nd SFCC Senior Choir
1st 3D Winky Mok
3rd 3D Winky Mok
3rd 4C Angie Chu
2013 HK Schools Music Interflows-Symphony Orchestra Secondary School
Bronze SFCC Western Instrumental Ensemble
Wan Chai District First Aid Competition
2nd SFCC
3rd SFCC
Division Nursing Competition
Champion SFCC
Best Leader Award
5A Mini Ng
Departmental Nursing Competition
Champion SFCC
Divisional First-aid Competition
3rd SFCC
Best Leader Award
4A Janice Ng
HK Island Divisional Drilling Competition
Champion SFCC
Best Assistant Commander Award
4C Zoe Wong
Best Flag Party Award SFCC
Best Uniform Checking Award SFCC
HK Red Cross Youth of the Year 2013
5D Aubrey Tao
Macau World Heritage Drawing Competition
1A Elaine Ko
International Teddy Bear Painting Competition 2014
2nd 3D Gillian Chu
3rd 5A Janice Yeung
5A Candy Chan
5D Vincy Tam
4B Adelaide Lai
4B Joyce Lau
4B Chrissy Zhang
3A Natalie Chan
3A Michelle Ho
3A Criall Xie
3C Michelle Yu
3D Karen So
2A Hermia Chan
2A Windy Kwok
2A Kelly Ng
2A Polly Yu
2C Shani Chan
2C Kary Cheng
2D Miel Cheng
2D Sophia Cheung
2D Audrey Lee
1C Shimmy Mok
1C Cindy Ng
2014 English Drama Fest

Outstanding Performer
3B Christy Tse
Outstanding Performance
Outstanding Creativity
Award for Volunteer Service 2013
Gold Award for Volunteer Service
Award (Individual) for Volunteer Service
4C Jane Leung
5A Sharon Chung
5B Kelly Yau
5B Kathy Sit
5C Elsa Lau
5C Eunice Cheung
5C Shirley Ng
5D Tiffany Kam
4A Joyce Lam
4A Stellar Leung
3D Winky Mok
6B Natalie Chan
5A Janice Au Yeung
5A Yuki Yeung
5A Natelie Mok
5A Eva Wong
5A Sindy Lam
5B Vanessa Cheung
5C Sharon Ng
5D Vincy Tam
5D Suzanne Yip
4A Jade Tam
4A Jasmina Cheung
4A Caterina Leung
4C Andrea Liu
4C Manon Floriane Li
4C Ada Chan
3A Phoebe Liu
3B Tammy Lau
2B Winnie Chan
Interschool Basketball Competition 2013-14
HK Island Division One - Girls B Grade

4A Giana Lai
4B Lorraine Lo
4B Sharon Tam
4C Celine Lo
4C Charmaine See
3A Stephanie Lui
3A Joey So
3B Christy Tse
3C Anastasia Wong
3D Constance Chung
3D Michelle Liang
Interschool Athletics Competition 2013-14 Division 3 Area 3
A Grade 100m

1st 5D Samantha Lee
2nd 5A Gigi Ko
A Grade Long Jump
3rd 5D Suzanne Yip
B Grade 200m
1st 4D Vivian Fung
B Grade 100m
1st 4D Vivian Fung
B Grade High Jump
1st 4B LOrraine Lo
B Grade Long Jump
2nd 2A Chloe Lam
B Grade 800m
3rd 2A Chloe Lam
C Grade 200m
1st 2D Jenna Pun
3rd 2D Chloris Lam
C Grade 100m
1st 2D Jenna Pun
4th 1A Iris Lao
C Grade Long Jump
2nd 1C Miko Yuen
A Grade 4x100m Relay
5A Gigi Ko
5D Samantha Lee
5D Suzanna Yip
3D Kelly Chan
B Grade 4x100m Relay
4B Sharon Tam
4D Vivian Fung
3B Esther Hess Law
2A Chloe Lam
C Grade 4x100m Relay
2D Chloris Lam
2D Jenna Pun
1A Iris Lao
1C Miko Yuen
B Grade 4x400m Relay
4B Lorraine Lo
3A Joey So
3A Yannie Szeto
3D Michelle Liang
Interschool Athletics Competition 2013-14 Division III Area 3
Girls C Grade

2nd SFCC
Girls B Grade
2nd SFCC
Girls Overall
2nd SFCC
Interschool Individual Fencing Competition 2013-14
HK-Girls Foil C

2nd 2C Tracy Chow
A.S. Watson Group HK Students Sports
6A Heidi Buaton
SAMSUNG 2013 HK SPorts Stars Awards
HK Junior Sports Stars Awards

5C Valerie Ma
Subject Prize Winners
English Language
6B Yuki Yeung
Chinese Language
6B Yuki Yeung
Mathematics (Core)
6B Angel Fong
Mathematics (M1)
6B Angel Fong
Liberal Studies
6B Yuki Yeung
6C Michelle Poon
6A Heidi Buaton
6B Shirley Kam
6D Kelly Yuen
Chinese History
6D Ellie Hui
6D Winnie Hui
6B Natalie Chan
6D Kelly Yuen
Religious Studies
6A Wing Sze
Information and Communication Technology
6D Win Leung
6B Elizabeth Ling
6A Heidi Buaton
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