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SFCC Alumni Manager Election 2015-2017 Commencement of Voter Registration

With the tenure of our present Alumni Manager Miss Jenny Ma drawing to a close by 31 August 2015, we are now in the process of arranging the election on one Alumni Manager for 2015-2017 who will sit in the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) meetings, manage the School and promote education.  Any alumnus who wishes to vote at the election, and/or stand for the election should register as a voter first.


To register as a voter, please download and complete the voter registration form and return the original of the same to the following address by 11 June 2015.


St. Francis’ Canossian College, 9-13 Kennedy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
(Attention: Miss R. Lee, Returning Officer, Alumni Manager Election 2015-2017)


Any alumnus who has signed up as a voter before is not required to register again.  For enquires, please contact St. Francis’ Canossian College Past Students’ Association by email at


Further information regarding the election is available on the website of St. Francis’ Canossian College Past Students’ Association at

Speech Day Rehearsal

All F.6 graduates are reminded to arrive at school by 12:15 p.m. on 27th May, 2015 fo the Speech Day Rehearsal in PROPER SUMMER UNIFORM. They MUST check their body temperature before they come to school.


If typhoon no. 8 or red rainstorm signal is hoisted before 11:00 a.m. or the Education Bureau has announced the closure of schools, rehearsal will be postponed to 29th May, 2015.


Seminars for Form 6 Students

Seminar on Multiple Pathways

Date: 6th May 2015

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Venue: Historical Archive (LG2)


Seminar on Interview Preprepation Skills and Mock Interview


To provide tips and techniques for students to prepare the Admission Interviews

To provide mock interview practice

To give feedback on students' performance in mock interview

Organization: Edvenue® Limited

Date: 6th May 2015

Time: 9:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Venue: Historical Archive (LG2)



Seminar on F.3 Choice of Subjects HKDSE Electives Presentation (7th March 2015)

Please click the following links for details.








Chinese History





Seminars for Parents 家長講座

學生支援網絡計劃現正舉行「網絡危機 家長講座」,內容如下:



  日期 時間 地點
2:30 - 4:30 pm



7:00 - 9:00 pm



7:00 - 9:00 pm






Cancellation of the Phase 1 Inauguration

With regret, we inform you regarding the cancellation of the Phase 1 Inauguration and blessing of the new school building scheduled for 6th December 2014. The Official Inauguration will be held on completion of the Phase 2 redevelopment project.


We are sorry to have caused inconvenience to you, but believe that in true Franciscan spirit, you would embrace this change as our Lord's will. We look forward to your zealous participation in the future celebration.

School Major Concerns


Annual School Plan (2014 - 2015)

1. School Redevelopment Plan

2. To upgrade the academic standard of students by catering for learning diversity

3. To reinforce the concept of courtesy in our students

4. To provide support in career guidance service and life planning education for students 



Graduation Ceremony 2013-2014

The Graduation Ceremony always carries a special meaning to the F.6 graduates. The ceremony marks the end of their secondary school life and the turns their life to a new page. The ceremony, which was held on June 28, 2014, began with the prayer and the address by the school principal, Sr. Susanna Yu. 2013-2014 is a very challenging year of St. Francis’ as the school is undergoing the school redevelopment project. However, such challenge does not pose a threat to the school, but shows the unity and whole- hearted support from the alumni and parents.
Sr. Susanna reminded us to continue to pray for the school.


Our Guest of Honour, an Alumna, Ms. Emily Mok, presneted the certificates to the F.6 graduates. Our school supervisor, Sr. Theresa Chien then presented awards to the award winners in Inter-school competitions. She, on behalf of the school, presented the most honourable Long Service Award to Mr. Kan for his devotion to St. Francis'. In her address, Ms Mok shared her secondary school life at St. Francis’ and encouraged the fellow Franciscans to strive for their best in face of adversities.


The Chinese Dance Team, English Drama representatives and the School Choir performed on stage. Lastly, the school song was sung to remind the graduates they always belong to the family of St. Francis'.


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Form 4 OLE Appreciation Day


The Form 4 OLE programme has been implemented for years as part of the DSE requirements. All form 4 students are divided into five domains - Dance, Drama, Videoraphy, Art and Music according to their interest. On June 24, 2014, each domain was invited to show the fruits to the form 2 students, whom were all amazed at the creativity of their fellow Franciscans. There were African Drum performance, modern dance performances, fashion show, drama performances and various video clips of different genres, including horror and romance. The hall was filled with laughter and joy. The efforts of the form 4 students were highly appreciated!


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LE FRENCH May Project 2014

An art workshop LE FRENCH MAY PROJECT 2014 has been organized for Form 2 students on 24 April 2014 in the School Hall.  The programme was organized by the Hopewell Holdings Limited.  The programme began with a talk about environmental protection conducted by Green Sense and followed by a workshop conducted by a French Artist, Thomas Lamadieu.  Thomas makes sky art by illustrating human-like characters and personified animal cartoons into the pictures he took from the ground looking up, trying to find sky between all the buildings.  Our students used their imagination to paint the Wan Chai skyline under the artist’s direction.  Our students actively participated in the workshop.  This was a valuable chance to cultivate students’ aesthetic development.




Background information about Thomas Lamadieu:

Thomas is obsessed with the sky; he used the constraints as inspiration for his imaginative illustration series SKY ART, where he drew within the narrow confines of rooftops and tiny slices of sky to create some pretty wild imagery. 


Singing Contest

It is the day students have been looking forward to. The Inter-class Singing Contest is one of the popular events as students can show their creativity and express their gratitude to their beloved teachers. In the early morning of May 8, 2014, all classrooms were already crowded with students. They were busy with their final rehearsals. They put on their hand-made costumes and prepared their props.


Students got even more excited at the school hall right after the Foundress Feast Celebration. The competition was divided into three sections - Junior Section, Senior Section and Open Class. Form one and two classes had to perform the songs chosen by the music teacher. Classes of the Senior Section could edit their own songs and even re-write the lyrics. They grasped the chance to express their heartfelt gratitude to their teachers.


The Open Class was another highlight of the event. Eight groups of competitors were chosen after the semi-final. They all had high ability in either singing or playing musical instruments. No wonder it was a headache for our adjudicators to choose the winners.


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Homecoming Day

Franciscans, parents and friends visited the school on Homecoming Day (December 21, 2013). We were most honoured to invite Fr. Philip Chan to celebrate the thanksgiving mass for us. We thanked God for showering so much blessing on St. Francis' for 144 years Towards the end of the mass, student representatives from the 24 classes followed the priests, school supervisor and school principal and sisters from the Canossian Daughters of Charity and put 24 candles at the school lobby, symbolizing the love and pray to the school from our 800 students.


After the mass, alumni enjoyed the campus tour and a series of performances at the school hall. They recalled the history of the school and shared their memorable moments with their former teachers and schoolmates.

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Leadership Award
5A Vera Wu
Service Award
5A Vivian Yeung
5A Vanessa Cheung
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary Students
6B Elizabeth Ling
5A Sharon Chung
Lugard Scholarship
5C Ginny Lai
Youth Arch Student Improvement Award
6A Sabrina Chow
6B Katie Wong
6C Fanny Hui
6D Prisca Lam
5A Sindy Lam
5B Christy Cheung
5C Sherry Kwong
5D Cherry Lo
4B Katy Cheung
4B Vivienne Li
4D Janice Fung
4D Ceci Lau
3A Yannie Szeto
3A Grace Wai
3C Emily Chu
3C Arcadia Chung
2A Loretta Lee
2A Jacqueline Tsang
2B Crystal Wong
2C Kitty Lam
6B Yuki Yeung
4A Cherina Lam
6A Heidi Buaton
6B Natalie Chan
5A Ruth Law
5C Elsa Lau
Rev. Joseph Carra Memorial Education Grants

5D Sandy Lam
HKIS Building Surveying Scholarship and Eddie Lee Memorial Education Foundation for Secondary School Student 2013
6B Natalie Chan
Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited Scholarship Athlete in Windsurfing
5C Valerie Ma
Nicola Myers & Kenneth McBride Memorial Fund
5B Doris Lee

6B Shirley Kam
St. Magdalene of Canossa Scholarship
6B Natalie Law
5A Ruth Law
Bakhita Religious Service Award

6B Stacy Mok
4A Joyce Lam
Dr. Aileen Hung Memorial Scholarship

6D Winnie Hui
Mrs. Lillian Ha Scholarship

6B Yuki Yeung
Helen Woo (Red Cross) Scholarship
5D Aubrey Tao
Dr. P.F. Woo Memorial Scholarship
6D Winnie Hui
Mr. Sin Lam Kwong (Pharmacist) Scholarship

6B Shirley Kam
5A Sharon Chung
Angeline Man Yu Scholarship

6B Agatha Mak
3B Delphina Fung
SFCC PSA Scholarship
6A Wing Sze
6B Yuki Yeung
6C Michelle Poon
6D Kelly Yuen
Ms. Connie Chan Scholarship
Best in F.6 Chinese Language

6C Michelle Poon
Best in F.6 Mathematics
6B Angel Fong
Miss Jane Cheng Scholarship
Best in History

6D Winnie Hui
SFCC PTA Best Improved Student Award

6A Silvia Chan
6B Angel Fong
6C Macy Tong
6D Vivian Yeung

65th HK Schools Speech Festival
Choral Speaking Secondary 2 Girls
3rd 2A Dramatic Duologue (Secondary 3 to 4)
4C Manon Floriane Li
4C Renee So
Dramatic Duologue (Secondary 5 to 6)

5A Florence Chan
5D Charlotte Chan
Solo Prose Reading (Non-open)

1st 5C Elsa Lau
3rd 5C Eunice Cheung
Soloe Verse Speaking (Non-open)
1st 5D Ciara Lo
1st 3D Winky Mok
1st 2C Alva Yang
2nd 4D Jeannie Tse
2nd 3A Stephanie Lui
3rd 5A Gigi Ko
3rd 4D Jessie Pang
3rd 3A Michelle Ho
3rd 3A Jacqueline Tse
3rd 2B Vanessa Chiu
3rd 2C Gloria Chan

1st 5A Natalie Mok
1st 5A Mini Ng
1st 4A Ariel Lee
1st 4D Joanna Fung
1st 3B Jessie Wan
1st 3D Valerie Yip
3rd 2A Helen Kam
1st 1C Shimmy Mok
1st 4D Bonny Chu
2nd 1A Lilian Li
3rd 5A Vera Wu
2nd 2A Kelly Ng
3rd 3A Criall Xie
3rd 1B Kellie Kwok

總冠軍 4A Cherina Lam
優秀學校大獎 3rd
冠軍 6D Vivian Yeung

季軍 3A Kelly Wong

66th HK Schools Music Festival

Graded Piano Solo (Grade 5)
3rd 1C Maggie Li
Graded Piano Solo (Grade 7)
1st 2D Janice Tsang
Guitar Ensemble
2A Kristin Yu
2C Charmaine Chu
2C Sammi Wong
2D Natalie Chan
4A Jade Tam
4B Cherrie Wan
Plain Song
SFCC Junior Choir
Secondary School Choir in Foreign Language - Girls - 2nd Division - Intermediate
2nd SFCC Senior Choir
1st 3D Winky Mok
3rd 3D Winky Mok
3rd 4C Angie Chu
2013 HK Schools Music Interflows-Symphony Orchestra Secondary School
Bronze SFCC Western Instrumental Ensemble
Wan Chai District First Aid Competition
2nd SFCC
3rd SFCC
Division Nursing Competition
Champion SFCC
Best Leader Award
5A Mini Ng
Departmental Nursing Competition
Champion SFCC
Divisional First-aid Competition
3rd SFCC
Best Leader Award
4A Janice Ng
HK Island Divisional Drilling Competition
Champion SFCC
Best Assistant Commander Award
4C Zoe Wong
Best Flag Party Award SFCC
Best Uniform Checking Award SFCC
HK Red Cross Youth of the Year 2013
5D Aubrey Tao
Macau World Heritage Drawing Competition
1A Elaine Ko
International Teddy Bear Painting Competition 2014
2nd 3D Gillian Chu
3rd 5A Janice Yeung
5A Candy Chan
5D Vincy Tam
4B Adelaide Lai
4B Joyce Lau
4B Chrissy Zhang
3A Natalie Chan
3A Michelle Ho
3A Criall Xie
3C Michelle Yu
3D Karen So
2A Hermia Chan
2A Windy Kwok
2A Kelly Ng
2A Polly Yu
2C Shani Chan
2C Kary Cheng
2D Miel Cheng
2D Sophia Cheung
2D Audrey Lee
1C Shimmy Mok
1C Cindy Ng
2014 English Drama Fest

Outstanding Performer
3B Christy Tse
Outstanding Performance
Outstanding Creativity
Award for Volunteer Service 2013
Gold Award for Volunteer Service
Award (Individual) for Volunteer Service
4C Jane Leung
5A Sharon Chung
5B Kelly Yau
5B Kathy Sit
5C Elsa Lau
5C Eunice Cheung
5C Shirley Ng
5D Tiffany Kam
4A Joyce Lam
4A Stellar Leung
3D Winky Mok
6B Natalie Chan
5A Janice Au Yeung
5A Yuki Yeung
5A Natelie Mok
5A Eva Wong
5A Sindy Lam
5B Vanessa Cheung
5C Sharon Ng
5D Vincy Tam
5D Suzanne Yip
4A Jade Tam
4A Jasmina Cheung
4A Caterina Leung
4C Andrea Liu
4C Manon Floriane Li
4C Ada Chan
3A Phoebe Liu
3B Tammy Lau
2B Winnie Chan
Interschool Basketball Competition 2013-14
HK Island Division One - Girls B Grade

4A Giana Lai
4B Lorraine Lo
4B Sharon Tam
4C Celine Lo
4C Charmaine See
3A Stephanie Lui
3A Joey So
3B Christy Tse
3C Anastasia Wong
3D Constance Chung
3D Michelle Liang
Interschool Athletics Competition 2013-14 Division 3 Area 3
A Grade 100m

1st 5D Samantha Lee
2nd 5A Gigi Ko
A Grade Long Jump
3rd 5D Suzanne Yip
B Grade 200m
1st 4D Vivian Fung
B Grade 100m
1st 4D Vivian Fung
B Grade High Jump
1st 4B LOrraine Lo
B Grade Long Jump
2nd 2A Chloe Lam
B Grade 800m
3rd 2A Chloe Lam
C Grade 200m
1st 2D Jenna Pun
3rd 2D Chloris Lam
C Grade 100m
1st 2D Jenna Pun
4th 1A Iris Lao
C Grade Long Jump
2nd 1C Miko Yuen
A Grade 4x100m Relay
5A Gigi Ko
5D Samantha Lee
5D Suzanna Yip
3D Kelly Chan
B Grade 4x100m Relay
4B Sharon Tam
4D Vivian Fung
3B Esther Hess Law
2A Chloe Lam
C Grade 4x100m Relay
2D Chloris Lam
2D Jenna Pun
1A Iris Lao
1C Miko Yuen
B Grade 4x400m Relay
4B Lorraine Lo
3A Joey So
3A Yannie Szeto
3D Michelle Liang
Interschool Athletics Competition 2013-14 Division III Area 3
Girls C Grade

2nd SFCC
Girls B Grade
2nd SFCC
Girls Overall
2nd SFCC
Interschool Individual Fencing Competition 2013-14
HK-Girls Foil C

2nd 2C Tracy Chow
A.S. Watson Group HK Students Sports
6A Heidi Buaton
SAMSUNG 2013 HK SPorts Stars Awards
HK Junior Sports Stars Awards

5C Valerie Ma
Subject Prize Winners
English Language
6B Yuki Yeung
Chinese Language
6B Yuki Yeung
Mathematics (Core)
6B Angel Fong
Mathematics (M1)
6B Angel Fong
Liberal Studies
6B Yuki Yeung
6C Michelle Poon
6A Heidi Buaton
6B Shirley Kam
6D Kelly Yuen
Chinese History
6D Ellie Hui
6D Winnie Hui
6B Natalie Chan
6D Kelly Yuen
Religious Studies
6A Wing Sze
Information and Communication Technology
6D Win Leung
6B Elizabeth Ling
6A Heidi Buaton
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